Office cabinets

The section office cabinets that you can find online on our site Castellani Top Design offers the solution for storage furniture to furnish functionally and with a touch of design to your office. All products in this category are entirely manufactured in Italy, thus ensuring a quality product according to your needs. Robustness and functionality are the two main characteristics of our wardrobes for offices; multifunctionality and treatment of space allow you to have a safe working environment. Office containers sound-absorbing, airbrushed, with metal structure and wood and glass doors offer a multitude of solutions to create the right working environment. A soundproof cabinet offers secrecy and privacy in environments where client confidentiality is all, an airbrushed cabinet adds a touch of personalization to your office, and a cabinet with metal structure and wood and glass doors offers a designer touch to any office. Choose the quality of our products, purchases of Castellani Top Design.




Cabinets for sound-absorbing office, for filing cabinets of various sizes and various color, cabinets archive with sound-absorbing doors to allow reduce the noise impact in the workplace. Office cabinets for low, medium and high with hinged doors or sliding doors, office cabinets with internal plans adjustable height, storage cabinets with removable floors. with Cabinet structures of Italian production with sound-absorbing doors to avoid the dispersion of noise in office. Cabinets designed and manufactured to maintain a modern and design boutique.







Wide range of cabinets for office with silkscreened and airbrushed doors with depictions that are placed on the doors. Cabinets for storage of paper files and documents. Cabinets airbrushed Office, ability to customize the airbrushing of the doors, office filing cabinets with interior wooden floors, office cabinets of different heights. Office cabinets characterized by the presence of airbrush or images printed on the doors of the structure to make the working environment more welcoming.







Office furniture solutions with cabinets and furniture made from metal frame and fine wood doors or colored glass. complete installations for executive and operational offices, office cabinets with colored metal structure, office cabinets with low doors and high wooden or glass, storage cabinets with hinged doors with snap lock and key. Cabinets for the Italian production archive designed to make modern and design the work environment.