Terms and Conditions

General conditions of sale




These General Conditions of Sale (for brevity also CGV) govern the acquisition, via telematic or telephone, of the products presented on the website maintained by www.castellanitopdesign.com Castellani.it Srl with headquarters at Lungomonte, 147 to Montecalvoli (PI ).

These GCS are integral and essential part of the contract of purchase of any product on the site.

The sending of an order implies acceptance by the customer of the general conditions of sale be.

Castellani Top Design reserves the right to revise these GTC at any time without notice.


Conclusion of Contract of Sale:

The presentation of products on the site constitutes an invitation to users to formulate, against Castellani Top Design, a direct offer. These calls have to offer not binding on Castellani Top Deisgn.

It remains, therefore, at the discretion of Castellani Top Design any decision on the acceptance of the proposals may be formulated.

The prices published on the website do not include VAT and do not include any taxes, duties or taxes applicable in the country of destination of the products, where this is different from Italy, which will be charged to the customer. Castellani Top Design reserves the right to change, at any time and without notice, the prices listed on the site.


Conclusion of the contract online:

Finally an order the customer must subscribe to it. The customer may, in fact, purchasing even as "guest".

Figures released in Castellani Top Design being recorded will be treated in compliance with the provisions regarding the protection of personal data and used exclusively to process the order received.

Every order placed shall be deemed, for all purposes, as proposed contract by the customer.

The order is from the customer will follow promptly confirmed by Castellani Top Design by sending an e-mail e-mail account entered by the customer when ordering.



The client will pay the full price of the products ordered, the order is the same.

The customer can make your payment by credit card, Paypal, prepaid card (es. "Postepay") or bank transfer. In the latter case, the customer will have to send, as soon as possible, the receipt of payment issued by the bank. The order will be processed only after Castellani Top Design will have learned the original receipt of the payment has been received or when the actual crediting the bank. To know the details of the payment, see the section "Mode of Payment" of our website (http://www.castellanitopdesign.com/termini-e-condizioni/terms-of-payment).


Liability and guarantees:

Castellani Top Design not be responsible for failure or delay in the event that:

although he has been responsible for regular and timely purchase of products to offset the 'order received, it has not been supplied the terms and conditions agreed with the suppliernot;

be able to make up for the lack of availability of these products, in circumstances which are beyond its controlIt;

has immediately communicated to the customer without any undue delayIn any case.

if the customer is a consumer and the unavailability of products, due to the circumstances specified in sections, not permit the delivery of the product within thirty (30) days of submission of the 'order by the consumer same, Castellani Top Design will refund the consumer any advance payment of the price within 30 (thirty) days from the day following that on which the order was sent.


Legal Compliance Warranty;:

The 128 and following articles of the Consumer Code governing the rights of the consumer / buyer for defects in the purchased goods, and provide two-year warranty against the seller.

Codice civile – Civil Code - Art. 1490 - Warranties for defects in the goods sold: The seller is required to ensure that the thing sold is free from defects that render it unfit for use for which it is intended, or to impair appreciably the value. The pact with which excludes or limits the guarantee has no effect if the seller to the buyer in bad faith concealed the defect.


Transfer of risk - art.63 of the Consumer Code:

1. In contracts that impose on the professional obligation to arrange for shipment of the goods the risk of loss or damage to goods, for reasons not attributable to the seller, he moved to the consumer only when the latter, or third appointed by him other than the carrier, enters materially entitled to the goods.

2. However, the risk passes to the consumer as early as the time of delivery of the goods to the carrier unless it has been chosen by the consumer and that choice was not offered by the trader, without prejudice to the rights of the consumer against the carrier.


ADR (alternative dispute resolution):

According to the article 49 paragraph 1 letter V of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005 n. 206 (Consumer Code), the customer can rely on the Joint Settlement Procedure. The procedure can be initiated if the consumer after submitting complaints to the company, within thirty days, has not been answered or has been answered not deemed satisfactory by him. The customer who decides to use the Joint Settlement Procedure is obliged to forward the application to the address: [email protected] or number 02/87181126 Fax. For more information, see: http://www.consorzionetcomm.it/Spazio_Consumatori/Conciliazione-Paritetica/La-Conciliazione- Paritetica.kl


ODR (joint conciliation):

Under Article. 14 of the Regulation 524/2013, we inform you that in case of dispute may file a complaint by the ODR platform the European Union at the following link http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/. The ODR platform is an access point for users seeking to resolve extrajudicial field disputes arising from contracts of sale or online services. For more information contact [email protected]



The invoices will be transmitted in electronic format to the email provided by the customer.


Shipping: how to receive the goods

Standard shipping does not include delivery to the plan, but only the discharge to the sidewalk (where available, with tail lift). The client must therefore always be ready to provide assistance to the haulier in the drain.

Castellani Top Design does porterage services and / or placement on site. So the customer will not have to pay any additional amount to the carrier to unload more than the one already incurred, at the order, for shipment. The customer must contact us immediately if the carrier wants to receive sums for services.

The forwarder delivery to an unspecified time between 09:00 and 17:00. If the dispatcher does not find anyone to receive it, the goods will be brought within the warehouse of the carrier closer to the customer.

The courier will send directly to Castellani Top Design waiting stock.

An operator Castellani Top Design will contact the customer to arrange the return.

The courier will not accept the re-opening of the stock of the initiative of the customer.

It is the responsibility of the shipper to transport the goods with care and deliver a package is not damaged.

The neck was intact but the merchandise was damaged? For incompetence and negligence of the shipper we are in front of the concealed damage from transport (Art. 1698 Civil Code).

Castellani Top Design not responsible for the carriage performed by the shipper.

With the contract of carriage the carrier undertakes, remuneration, transfer persons or things from one place to another (Article 1678 of the Civil Code).

The contract of carriage is a so-called contract of work, in which the transporter receives the goods in custody and is responsible legally. In fact, "the carrier is liable for loss and for the failure of the things Give him to transport, from the moment you receive them that on which the delivery to the addressee, unless it can prove that the loss or damage is derived from unforeseeable circumstances, from nature or from the vices of the things themselves or their packaging, or whether the sender or the recipient. "

During all this time the carrier has custody of the goods received and few are the possibility that the manlevano from loss and damage them.

Before issuing the shipper, the customer must make sure the condition of the material delivered.

Sign without reserve or reserves without motivation is not the purpose of the dispute and is equivalent to not make reservations. To open a practice insurance is MANDATORY affix a reserve control not generic but well motivated. In no event shall be affixed endorsement reserve unsubstantiated: write, for example, "AGREE WITH RESERVE OF VERIFICATION" or "subject to control" CASTELLANI TOP DESIGN disclaims any liability. The customer will not have to worry about any reservation made to the shipper; they will be automatically deleted after 8 days.

He Castellani Top Design start its investigation and will open the insurance practice ONLY as long as the customer has diligently motivated the reserve control.

The customer must take all the time necessary for the appropriate checks having no hurry to put the signature on the receipt of shipment. Advance reservations about the expedition, of course, where they are justified, is a right guaranteed by 'art. 1698 cc

The operations of the test and any complaints must be made within 3 working days after the delivery date.


Shipping Times

In each product the customer can find the flat rates of shipping and delivery.

The term "delivery time" is the time of custody of the goods to the carrier.

The term "delivery" means the time to send the product from our store (or from the warehouses of suppliers) to your destination. Shipping times and delivery are estimates and may vary according to the type and availability of the product, the period of low or high season, depending on the time of Holidays and / or according to the delivery area. Any delay subsequent custody of the goods to the carrier may not be cause for complaint for Castellani Top Design.


Such reserves shall place the customer on the waybill issued by the courier?

Even before examining the package, the customer will put full attention to operation of delivery of 'charge.

The customer must accept with RESERVE FOR IMPROPER HANDLING if the shipper put little attention in unloading the goods, check that our label on the package overs properly the details of delivery (shipping address).

If an error should reject the shipment, showing the transporter the discrepancy between the addresses on the package and on consignment. It will be the duty of the shipper track the parcel correct in its distribution network and consegnartelo after a few days.The customer must then verify that the seals and / or warranty labels present, are undamaged and not covered with adhesive tape courier.

Otherwise, the customer must accept with RESERVE FOR SUSPECTED TAMPERING. The customer will, however, accept with RESERVE NECK VISUALLY DAMAGED authority finds a minimal anomaly and specify in detail the extent of damage (if the neck is wet, bent ...). In the event that the shipper face opposition are advised not to sign the bill of the courier and promptly contact our customer service at 0587/748052. The ns. logistics office will initiate investigations. The forwarder is liable for damage caused during transport.



As the goods must be checked on arrival?

Open the package and remove the contents temporarily preserving all packaging.

Check the quantity of the goods delivered with the help of the invoice issued by the courier.In case you find any hidden damage, the customer must send [email protected];many pictures as possible to certify the findings indicating the number and date of the invoice and the number of 'order.

Remain available to Castellani Top Design until completion of the dispute.If this is not material to write [email protected] 

We will make a further expedition to completion.

The customer will not have to of course pay additional sums to cover such ns. noncompliance.


Reception and complaints:

In case the customer wants to open a claim, will contact our shipping department at 0587/748052, typing the inside 1.

Upon delivery, the customer must check the packaging of the / the product / s and the number and status of packages.

The customer shall place the subject of monitoring and verification on the bill of the courier, arguing and justifying the choice to accept the goods with reserve (insufficient reserves general "accept the goods subject to control"), confirm promptly (within 3 business days after receipt) and the reserve by phone by contacting shipments Castellani Top Design at 0587/748052, typing inside 1 and send to [email protected] photos proving failures, shortcomings, hidden damage or other deviations from the order. We do not accept any returned goods spontaneously, without prior agreement with Castellani Top Deisgn.

In addition, the customer will be able to provide any justification as to the accuracy of the complaints invoked and grant Castellani Top Design the right to verify the facts.

The returned product must be delivered to carriers Castellani Top Design in perfect condition, in its original packaging and provided with all accessories.

Castellani Top Design reserves to check the goods on arrival, to accept the complaint and to replace the defective or non-conforming or its repayment in the event of unavailability of the product in stock or at suppliers.


What happens if the buyer refuses delivery?

If the buyer refuses the goods that will be delivered to the warehouse of the carrier closer to the customer. The courier will send directly to Castellanishop waiting stock.

Attention! The courier will not accept the re-opening of the stock of the initiative of the customer!

If the buyer refuses the goods because visually damaged, the cost of the return and any costs of storage and delivery will be borne by Castellani Top Design;

If the buyer refuses the goods without valid reason, reentry expenses and any costs of storage and delivery will be borne by the customer.


Returns & Refunds

What is the right of withdrawal? The right of withdrawal is the possibility for a Contracting Party to dissolve a contract unilaterally, estinguendone all obligations arising therefrom, without the consent of the other party and without facing penalties. Art. 54 c.d.c. Consumer Code: 1. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties, the trader must execute the order within thirty days from the day following that on which the consumer forwarded his order to the professional. 2. If that is not completed by the professional, due to unavailability, even temporary, of the goods or services ordered, the professional, within the period referred to in paragraph 1, inform the consumer, in accordance with the procedures laid Article 53, paragraph 1, and shall refund any amounts already paid for the payment of the supply. Unless the consumer, to be expressed before or at the time of concluding the contract, the trader can not meet by running a supply different from that agreed upon, although the value and quality equivalent or superior.

Who can use the right of withdrawal? The withdrawal right is reserved exclusively for private and not to holders of VAT, unless the will of withdrawal is not due to causes attributable to manufacturing defects, to hidden damage procured by the transport leg or discrepancy with the order . Under the European Directive 2011/83, transposed in Italy by Legislative Decree of December 3, 2013, the buyer may cancel the purchase contract without specifying necessarily the reason for the return.

How can customers benefit from the right of withdrawal? The customer wishing to exercise the right of withdrawal must notify Castellani Top Design their will by registered letter with return receipt (sent a Castellani.it Srl - Via Lungomonte, 147-56020 - Montecalvoli - prov. PI) or by writing to castellanisrl @ pec .it, within 14 working days from the date of delivery, attaching a copy of the transport documents.

What the customer must indicate in Recommend A / R? The customer must indicate the invoice number, the / the code / s of / the product / s and the bank details for the transfer. 
Who will pay for return shipping? The shipping costs of the return are fully borne by the customer. From the moment Castellani Top Design has accepted the request made, the customer will have 14 (fourteen) calendar days to make the items to be returned. Beyond this date the buyer can no longer benefit from the right of withdrawal. The costs of the return and any costs of return will be borne by Castellani Top Design exclusively if the merchandise is damaged during opening. The costs of the return and any costs of return will be borne by the purchaser if a decision making the goods without justification. 

How do I ship to return? After obtaining permission to return by the operator, the customer must send the product to: Castellani.it Srl -Via Lungomonte, 147 -56,020 - Montecalvoli - PI

By when and under what terms Castellani Top Design make the refund? Castellani Top Design will reimburse by bank transfer not later than 14 (fourteen) business days of notification of withdrawal rights only and exclusively after a thorough check of the state of the returned goods.The right of withdrawal is lost if the returned product is not intact, or missing the original packaging exterior and interior, is damaged or even partially used.



It can download the our conditions of sale PDF at the following link

It can download the withdrawal form PDF at the following link