Who we are

The company was founded more than sixty years ago as a manufacturer of metal shelves, with the name of Vallini and Castellani.


Over the years the business has expanded constantly at first acquiring the ability to produce all the various types of shelving and soppalcature finally arrive, through acquisitions of other companies and highly specialized personnel, to provide equipment for any type of metal shop and wood and set up offices both directional and operational.


One of the greatest satisfactions given to us by the work is the awareness to provide a product "made in Italy", made entirely in Italy, really valuable and durable, which can repay the confidence from our customers, old or new it is.


This explains why in our structure is accomplished throughout the product life cycle: from design by our professional architects, engineers or technical office design experts, through the step in which workers cooperate qualified and skilled, then get to the delivery and installation of supplies thanks to an experienced logistics structure.




customer satisfaction
the best quality products at the best possible price
the professionalism of our staff
the reliability and credibility for our client
environmental consciousness and social commitment






The Company Policy Castellani.it Srl is geared to achieve customer satisfaction and all other stakeholders, through a process of continuous improvement.


Against the CLIENT, the 'company is aware that only through his satisfaction and can grow and develop; therefore oriented to:

understand the special needs

predisporgli tailored solutions

offer a good quality / price ratio

guarantee him courtesy of its front office, timeliness and clarity in communications concerning him.

enhance its production capacity and marketing of outdoor products

improve the quality standards of its products and services, keeping up to date with respect to technological innovations

intensify their presence in the market.


The management is aware of the importance of protecting the ENVIRONMENT what value recognized by customers and the communities in which the company operates; therefore it undertakes to:

improve the environmental performance through prevention;

comply with applicable laws and directing their choices towards the best available technologies and economically viable;

make available the necessary resources to achieve the objectives, defines environmental objectives and plan milestones, monitors the processes and the results obtained through periodic reports and, every year, with the Review of the Quality-Environment System.


The management is aware of the importance of the protection of HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK which value of human capital with which the company operates; therefore it undertakes to:

prevent injuries and illnesses in the workplace;

continuously improve the management of S & SL and performance in S & SL;

fulfill the applicable legal requirements and other requirements related to the dangers for the S & SL;


The management is aware of the importance of the ORIGIN OF ITS PRODUCTS AND TYPICALITY which values ​​of the territory in which it operates; therefore it undertakes to develop:

creativity and originality in the product offering;

precise workmanship which characteristic of the roots in local production;

orientation than the typical production which distinctive feature through the use of workers with roots in the local productive tradition;

orientation to the use of domestic materials and accessories, depending on the availability and technical and economic conditions;

collaboration and involvement oriented than the typical vendors and use of national and local labor raw materials;

compliance with the rules on materials and domestic products and in target countries;


The Management is committed to periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the Management System in order to obtain useful information to improve their competitiveness, through a dynamic political Popularity customer and all stakeholders.